copper arsenic flotation selectivity in philippines


PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED To separate an arsenic mineral from a copper concentrate containing arsenic which is a raw material for dry copper smelting and recover a copper concentrate having a low arsenic grade so that the arsenic mineral is efficiently and economically obtained from the copper concentrate containing arsenic To provide a method of separating...

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Selective Separation of Cu Zn and As from Solution by

Oct 23 2006 0183 32 Abstract The selective precipitation and flotation of copper zinc and arsenic ions from dilute aqueous solutions were investigated Phase separation was accomplished effectively by the dissolved-air technique for the production of fine gas bubbles and a short-chain xanthate was applied as the collector for copper ions dialkyldithiocarbamate for zinc and ferric sulfate for the pentavalent...

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Flotation separation of copper sulphides from arsenic

Nov 01 2014 0183 32 Cleaner bank recoveries also indicate true flotation of arsenic minerals but to a higher degree than that of the rougher bank This indicates that selective flotation of copper minerals against arsenic minerals may be more difficult Download Download full-size image Fig 4 Copper and arsenic recoveries in each cell along the cleaner circuit...

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Since this mineral contain both arsenic and copper it is not possible to remove the arsenic by selective flotation Partial roasting is a method to clean the concentrate from arsenic and thereby produce a suitable raw material for the copper smelter Also mercury is commonly found in copper...

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Selective separation of Cu Zn and As from solution by

Abstract The selective precipitation and flotation of copper zinc and arsenic ions from dilute aqueous solutions were investigated Phase separation was accomplished effectively by the dissolved-air technique for the production of fine gas bubbles and a short-chain xanthate was applied as the collector for copper ions dialkyl-dithiocarbamate for zinc and ferric sulfate for the...

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PDF Selective flotation of enargite from copper

Show full abstract review focuses on the current state of knowledge in the selective flotation of enargite commonly found in association with non-arsenic copper sulphide mineralisation Due to...

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The selective flotation of enargite from other copper

Although the flotation process shows various advantages compared to that of pyrometallurgical and hydrometallurgical processes selective flotation of arsenic-bearing copper and copper sulfide...

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Arsenic pathways in Copper Mining

Further process development and economic modelling is required to better define the selective flotation process that may be incorporated into the project with the required level of confidence This study provides an overview of the occurrences of arsenic in the full spectrum of activities across copper operations as well as potential...

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Copper Arsenide Minerals Feedstock

of the hydrometallurgical treatment options for copper arsenide minerals is presented The most promising route to treat copper arsenide minerals is the High Temperature Pressure Oxidation Process HTPOX which in addition to extracting the copper fixes the arsenic as scorodite an arsenic product that is stable according to...

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Recycling Free Full

Jan 11 2021 0183 32 Considering sustainable mining the use of seawater in mineral processing to replace conventional water is an attractive alternative especially in cases where this resource is limited However the use of this aqueous medium generates a series of challenges specifically in the seawater flotation process it is necessary to adapt traditional reagents to the aqueous medium or to propose...

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Flotation separation of copper sulphides from arsenic

The removal of arsenic bearing minerals from concentrates is becoming more important as environmental laws become ever stricter with regard to smelter emissions The onus is shifting to concentrate producers to remove these minerals from their product with penalties applying to materials containing greater than background amounts The arsenic content of Rosebery copper flotation feed...

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Selective reagents for COB

Selective reagents for COB 5 Nov 19 CRICOS code 00025B 11 Fig 4 - Recovery of arsenic tennantite and non-tennantite copper NTCu after 4min flotation as a function of pulp potential pH 12 Reducing conditions left and oxidising conditions right Reproduced from Smith and Bruckard 2007...

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The separation of arsenic from copper in a Northparkes

Oct 19 2007 0183 32 Recently as part of a project aimed at identifying options for an arsenic rejection circuit for the Tampakan Philippines copper flotation flowsheet CSIRO Minerals developed methods for the selective flotation of enargite Cu 3 AsS 4 another arsenic-bearing sulphide mineral similar to tennantite from other sulphide copper minerals based...

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Selective flotation of enargite from copper sulphides in

Oct 01 2017 0183 32 In this study two distinct ore samples termed low arsenic sample LAS and high arsenic sample HAS were selected from the Tampakan copper-gold deposit in the Philippines providing a range of arsenic levels The selective separation of enargite from other copper sulphide minerals in a rougher flotation system under controlled pulp potential...

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Study of Flotation Parameters for Copper Recovery from

copper sulphides difference in their activity and size create the considerable problems in implementation of selective flotation obtaining conditional copper and zinc concentrat Despite several of studies that have been done related to this issue effective selective flotation of tennantite ores is still the subject to investigation 42...

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The selective flotation of enargite from other copper

Oct 01 2006 0183 32 The floatability of enargite 3Cu 2 SAs 2 S 5 has been determined as a function of pulp potential to establish whether the flotation behaviour of the mineral differs sufficiently from that of other copper minerals thus offering the prospect of rejecting arsenic from the Tampakan ore by potential control during flotation The results of a single mineral flotation study reveal that a...

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Figure 5 Flotation selectivity in the separation of pentlandite from pyrrhotite using sulfur dioxide and diethylenetriamine with sodium isobutyl xanthate pH 92 25 g t 1 Dow froth 250 Reprinted with permissionfrom the CanadianInstitute of Mining Metallurgy and Petroleum Figure 6 Flotation results obtained with Clarabelle ore from...

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Evaluation of the Use of Recycled Vegetable Oil as a

Jan 11 2021 0183 32 in the Flotation of Copper Sulfide Minerals Using Seawater Recycling 2021 6 5 a concentration ratio of 701 a copper recovery of 9006 and a selectivity index with respect to pyrite of 403 and with respect to silica of 1289 Copper Cu 2196 Zinc Zn 0307 Arsenic As 0008 Silver Ag 0003 Platinum Pt 0003 Lead Pb 0112 Molybdenum...

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and 771 and 387 respectively Arsenic contents were less than 2000 ppm in the lead and zinc con-centrat Copper concentrate assayed 503 As since the major copper minerals were in tennantite form copper arsenic sulphide mineral In flotation tests...

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Beneficiation of arsenic bearing complex sulphide ore by

Selective sulphide concentrates with low arsenic content were tried to be produced by froth flotation Individual concentrates of Pb Zn and Cu assayed 6754 Pb and 6149 Zn and 2331 Cu where corresponding recoveries were 730 and 771 and 387 respectively Arsenic contents were less than 2000 ppm in the lead and zinc con-centrat...

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Copper ions if they are present in flotation pulp activate the flotation of arsenopyrite lowering the amount of xanthate needed for flotation 3 5 8 The aim of the experimental testing the results of which are presented in this paper was to obtain rough lead concen-trate with the low content of arsenic EXPERIMENTAL PROCEDURE...

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Technical Note The selective flotation of arsenopyrite from

Flotation tests were conducted to compare the arsenopyrite depressing effect of MAA with pH control potassium permanganate and pre-aeration The recovery and selectivity were optimised by varying the collector and depressant concentration pH and the effect of copper sulphate addition...

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Arsenic Stabilization Mining SGS

After treatment the arsenic can be safely returned to tailings or sold SGS arsenic recovery and management technologies include Recovery of Marketable Compounds Selective removal of arsenic minerals from impure compounds by flotation re-leach/precipitation crystallization of pure saleable sodium arsenate or copper arsenate...

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New research project ReAK for the reduction of arsenic in

In the project the entire process chain of copper extraction from copper ores is considered from the separation of by-products to the stabilization of arsenic and the disposal of residu One approach is to make flotation as selective as possible with respect of arsenic in addition to separating copper-rich and copper-poor ore fractions...

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Minerals Free Full

In this study the surface modification of arsenopyrite and pyrite with low temperature oxygen plasma was developed as an effective approach to improve the flotation separation efficiency of minerals The micro-flotation experiments results indicated that plasma pre-treatment can achieve selective flotation of arsenopyrite from pyrite The XPS analysis results indicated that the oxidation...

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copper arsenic flotation selectivity

Feb 23 2013 0183 32 BULK FLOTATION OF COMPLEX COPPER ORE FROM SIOCON Dec 15 2010 role in flotationSelectivity in complex separation is dependent on the delicate balance and Arsenic Copper Flotation Fig shows copper »More detailed...

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Boteva A et al NEW SELECTIVE COLECTOR FOR FLOTATION Mineralogical characteristic of the assay from the Chelopech deposit The most important economic value of the deposit is determined by the mineral association of copper-arsenic-gold It is characterized with the high concentration of...

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Selective Acid Leaching of Copper and Zinc from Old

The goal of the present work was to develop hydrometallurgical method based on acid leaching which makes it possible to perform selective extraction of non-ferrous metals from old flotation tailings Leaching was performed with sulfuric acid solutions from 05 to 10 and distilled water Leaching was carried out using percolators and bottle agitator...

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Processing of Complex Materials in the Copper Industry

Jul 06 2020 0183 32 A much more difficult mineral processing challenge is the selective flotation of arsenic-bearing copper minerals eg enargite Cu 3 AsS 4 and tennantite Cu Fe 12 As 4 S 13 These minerals have flotation characteristics very similar to non-arsenic-bearing copper minerals chalcopyrite chalcocite and bornite...

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Selective Removal of Arsenic from Copper Concentrates

Feb 24 2019 0183 32 Selective Removal of Arsenic from Copper Concentrat Aim To explore and develop improved electrochemically-controlled flotation techniques to separate arsenic bearing copper sulphides from copper and iron bearing sulphides in complex copper or There is currently no widely accepted industrial process that specifically aims to separate...

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