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Identifying the Kinematic Parameters of Hexapod Machine Tool

Corpus ID 7635517 Identifying the Kinematic Parameters of Hexapod Machine Tool article Agheli2009IdentifyingTK title= Identifying the Kinematic Parameters of Hexapod Machine Tool author= M Agheli and M Nategh journal= World Academy of Science Engineering and Technology International Journal of Mechanical Aerospace Industrial Mechatronic and...

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GKM Nomi City Ishikawa Machine Tools / Machining

Based on Exechon s parallel kinematics processing technology advanced 5-axis control we manufacture and sell parallel link modul GKM CO LTD was born out of BBS Kinmei that is pursuing processing technology and precision of M achine which realizes automation and labor saving of production lines of all industri...

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07051038 The Design of Parallel Kinematic Machine Tools

May 08 2007 0183 32 Indeed the parallel kinematic arrangement of the links provides higher stiffness and lower moving masses that reduce inertia effects Thus PKMs have better dynamic performanc However the design of a parallel kinematic machine tool PKMT is a hard task that requires further research studies before wide industrial use can be expected...

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Kinematic Calibration on a Parallel Kinematic Machine Tool

parallel kinematic machine tools called Hexapod has been introduced to public in 1994 by Ingersoll and Giddings Lewis A comprehensive review on the development of parallel kinematics for machine tools can be found in 1 Although more than ten years have been passed since the first parallel kinematic machine tool was introduced they...

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Multiobjective optimization of parallel kinematic

The method of genetic algorithms is used to solve this type of multiobjective optimization problem by means of NSGA-II and SPEA-II algorithms Finally based on a linear Delta architecture we present an illustrative application of this methodology to a 3-axis machine tool in the context of manufacturing of automotive parts...

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Parallel Kinematic Machines Design Analysis and

For the reconfigurable parallel kinematic machine tools the chromosomes consist of the archi-tecture parameters coordinates of the attachment points coordi-nates of the moving platform vertex distributions at the base and moving platform platform height etc and behavior parameters...

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Stiffness Computation and Identification of Parallel

This paper deals with the stiffness computation and model identification of parallel kinematic machine tools PKMs Due to their high dynamic abilities PKMs are subjected to high inertial and cutting loads while machining These loads generate structure deflection and it results in a low level of accuracy compared with serial machin...

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Metrology for parallel kinematic machine tools PKM

lunematic machine tools SKM and parallel kinematic machine tools PKM are described especially for the measurement of geometric deviations These differences lead to special problems for the calibration of parallel lunematic machine tools partly comparable to the problems for the calibration of five and multi-axis serial lunematic machme...

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Orthoglide A 3

The Orthoglide project aims at building a small-scale prototype of a parallel kinematic machine tool for HSM with a kinematic behaviour close to the one of a classical serial 3-axis machine Description of the Orthoglide The kinematic architecture chosen for the Orthoglide is presented on Fig 1 It has variable foot points and fixed-length...

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What is a Parallel Kinematics Machine PKM

Parallel Kinematics Machin The dream of all developers in Machine Tools have always been to combine the flexibility and envelope of the robots with the accuracy and stiffness of traditional Machine Tools In the last 20 years the focus of this development has been Parallel Kinematics Machines...

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Parallel Robotic Machine Tools Dan Zhang Springer

Also receiving discussion is the design of mechanism systems such as kinematic analysis stiffness analysis kinetostatic modeling and optimization Author Dan Zhang uses his years of experience in the field to also Cover the latest material in parallel kinematic machine tools and the junction of parallel robot and machine tools...

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Stiffness Estimation of a Tripod

Keywords Parallel kinematic machines Stiffness 1 Introduction Stiffness is one of the most important performance specifications of parallel kinematic machines PKM particularly for the use of machine tools In previous work dealing with the stiffness analysis of PKM a great deal of work has been focused upon the formulation of stiffness...

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The Design of Parallel Kinematic Machine Tools Using

The Design of Parallel Kinematic Machine Tools Using Kinetostatic Performance Criteria F elix Majou Philippe Wenger Damien Chablat To cite this version F elix Majou Philippe Wenger Damien Chablat The Design of Parallel Kinematic Machine Tools Using Kinetostatic Performance Criteria 2001 Metz France Plenum Press pp1-10 2001...

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Kinematic Analysis of 5

In this paper the kinematics of 5-UPS parallel machine tool is analyzed and a kinematic analysis method combining kinematic analysis and computer kinematics software is proposed Under the premise that the parallel machine tool sector parameters is known firstly we use the vector method to establish a mathematical model of inverse kinematics and in accordance with a U-shaped...

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Path Planning Kinematics Simulation of CNC Machine Tools

Path Planning Kinematics Simulation of CNC Machine Tools based on Parallel Manipulators Luc Rolland Abstract Since the very successful application of parallel robots in material handling many projects attempted to implement the Gough platforms as milling machine manipu-lators with limited success mainly achieving roughing...

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PDF Parallel Kinematic Machines

Jan 01 2000 0183 32 Such processing system has got by the rule six axes and it is kinematic redundant in relation to most methods of cutting which is carried out by traditional machine tools Incorporated parallel...

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LinuxCNC EMC2 hexapod parallel robot machine tool

LinuxCNC EMC2 controlled 6-axis hexapod Stewart platform machine tool prototype Components 22 kW water-cooled 24000 rpm spindle with inverter 60EM-DH...

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Parallel Kinematics Springer for Research Development

Parallel Kinematics- Type Kinematics and Optimal Design presents the results of 15 year s research on parallel mechanisms and parallel kinematics machinThis book covers the systematic classification of parallel mechanisms PMs as well as providing a large number of mechanical architectures of PMs available for use in practical applications...

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Workspace Analysis of a Hybrid Kinematic Machine Tool with

This paper presents a novel parallel manipulator with one translational and two rotational 1T2R degrees of freedom that can be employed to form a five-degree-of-freedom hybrid kinematic machine tool for large heterogeneous complex structural component machining in aerospace field Compared with serial or parallel machine hybrid machine has the merits of high stiffness high speed large...

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Fast machine tools with parallel kinematics Design

A method for selecting modelling and optimising parallel kinematics machine tool is proposed Then this method is applied to solve the problem for fast machine tools with either 3 axis or 5 axis...

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Details page Parallel kinematic machining head Sprint Z3

At the heart of this centre is the innovative Sprint Z3 parallel kinematic machining head which is characterised by high traversing speeds 50 m/min and accelerations 981 m/s The head allows components from batch size one to mass production to be manufactured in a highly dynamic and precise way with an excellent surface finish...

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Tricept T9000 Parallel Kinematic Machine System

Aug 25 2008 0183 32 parallel kinematic machine system configured for horizontal machining performs multi-axis processing at speeds not possible with many other machine tools gives tool access to tight and awkward locations and enables use of shorter tools allowing higher speeds with reduced vibration...

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Design of hybrid

The machine tool industry is a well established old and extremely important branch of today s manufacturing industry With the ongoing globalization and the resulting increase of competition in this industry the manufacturers have to push their technology to the limits in order to stay competitive The architecture kinematics of most machine tools is based on a serial arrangement of joints...

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Kinematic Analysis and Dimensional Synthesis of Exechon

A parallel kinematic machine PKM topology can only give its best performance when its geometrical parameters are optimized In this paper dimensional synthesis of a newly developed PKM is presented for the first time An optimization method is developed with the objective to maximize both workspace volume and global dexterity of the PKM...

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PDF A Novel Parallel

The pitch-roll wrist is to be used as a module of a novel five-axis parallel kinematics machine PKM tool shown in Fig 7 18 The PKM tool consists of two modules one is a manipulator capable...

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The Optimal Design of Three Degree

machines by adding a fourth axis in series with the first two Key Words Parallel Machine Tool Isotropic Design and Singularity 1 Introduction Parallel kinematic machines PKM are commonly claimed to offer several advantages over their serial counterparts like high structural rigidity high dynamic capacities and high accuracy 1...

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machine accuracy and limit the dynamic performances of the feed ax X Z Y Fig 1 A serial 3-axis Machine Tool 12 Parallel Kinematic Machines PKMs are alternative machine tool designs for High Speed Machining In a PKM the tool is connected to the base through several kinematic chains or legs that are mounted in parallel...

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The invention relates to a method for the calibration of machine units moving parallel kinematically in a movement space in machine tools and handling devices the position of a machine unit moving parallel kinematically with respect to a reference system resulting from the totality of the positions of all drives acting in parallel on this machine unit and each drive being assigned...

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